Curriculum Vitae – English Version


Personal Information
Surname and NameMalan Lucio
Telephone(+39) 06 67063194
Fax(+39) 06 67065548
Date of Birth30 July 1960
Work Experience
Dates2001 – Present day
Occupation or Position heldSenator
Main Activities and Responsibilities











2013-present: Quaestor, in charge of Italian Senate Administration Control.
2013-present: Member of the Budget Committee.
2001-2006, 2008-2013: Member of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly – Rapporteur to the Plenary Assembly on several subjects, Missions and Conferences in many NATO and non-NATO countries.
2002-2014: International Elections Observer in Afghanistan, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Serbia, Turkey, Ukraine.20013-present: Chairman of the Interparliamentary Friendship Group Italy-Taiwan.2013-present: Acting Chairman of the Interparliamentary Friendship Group Italy-Israel.

2013-present: Chairman of the Interparliamentary Friendship Group Italy- Dominican Republic.

2001-2006, 2013-present: whip i.e. in charge of leading Forza Italia senators in all discussions, procedures and votes in the General Assembly.

Bills Rapporteur and Speaker (including the European and the National electoral law, the Public managers new rules and the administrative electoral new procedures, selling by phone Reform).

Hundreds of TV appearances in talk shows and News programmes, mainly on the major Italian TVs, but also on BBC and France 24 International – both in French and in English.

Dates1998 – 2008
Occupation or Position heldDirector of Forza Italia Movement Propaganda Office

Main Activities and Responsibilities








Along with Forza Italia’s President and the other Senior officers, I have planned and implemented (with a total expenditure of more than 200 million €) the following electoral campaigns: European Elections 1999 and 2004; National Elections 2001, 2006 and 2008; Regional Election 2000 and 2005; other local elections.In occasion of the 2000 Regional elections, in order to overcome the law that prohibited TV ads, we organized in fifty days a 9 day cruise, from Genoa to Venice, turning a ferryboat into a floating auditorium, with all kinds of connected events – included fireworks, towboats and fishing boats welcoming the ship in every harbour, balloons, music aboard and ashore. I also wrote a drama about Comunism (“Testimony”) which was played 300 times and presented 5000 books, with 200.000 copies sold.
Dates1990 – 1998
Occupation or Position heldUniversity Teacher – Studies Abroad Consortium, Turin
Main Activities and ResponsibilitiesItalian Language (1990-1991) and Italian History and Culture teaching.
Dates1997 – 1998
Occupation or Position heldDirector of Forza Italia Movement Bureau for monitoring the show business public funding
Main Activities and ResponsibilitiesExposing failures and mishandling of a public funding system that was radically reformed afterwards.
Dates1992 – 1994, 1996 – 1997
Occupation or Position heldHigh public school teacher of Italian and Latin Language and Literature, History
Dates1994 – 1996
Occupation or Position heldMember of the House of Deputies
Main Activities and ResponsibilitiesSecretary of the Senate Presidency, Bills Rapporteur and Speaker
Dates1992 – 1993
Occupation or Position heldDirector of the Political and Organizational Bureau of the Lega Nord Party in Piedmont (at the time, the first in the Region)
Main Activities and ResponsibilitiesElectoral and political activity organisation.
DatesFebruary 1991 – November 1992
Occupation or Position heldForeign Exchange Dealer at Sanpaolo Bank of Turin
Main Activities and ResponsibilitiesHired through open public competition (ranking 4th out of 10,000 participants). Operating on the short term currency swaps in the central dealing room. One the main 12 operators of the bank – at that time market maker on Deutsche Mark-Italian Lira.
DatesFebruary – August 1990
Occupation or Position held(as student) Tutor of Latin and Italian Language at UNLV – University of Nevada, Las Vegas
DatesJanuary – April 1990
Occupation or Position held(as student) Custodian at University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Dates1984 – 1989
Occupation or Position heldTeacher of Ancient Greek Language and Literature, Latin and Italian Languages and Literatures, History and Geography at Waldensian High School (founded in 1831). From 1987 also Deputy Headmaster
Dates1974 – 1989
Occupation or Position heldCorrespondent of local newspapers, two radio stations, one tv sports station and other local media
Dates1975 – 1989
Occupation or Position heldSwimming teacher and, from 1978, coach and director of swimming courses at the Public Swimming Pool of Luserna San Giovanni
Main Activities and ResponsibilitiesTeaching swimming to people of all ages, included physically or mentally impaired persons. Organising and promoting courses in an area of 40 communities. Coaching a swimming team, including several regional champions, and one member of the Age Group National Team.
Title of qualifications awardedCourse not completed (I had to go back to Italy)
Principal subjects /Occupational skills coveredMaster in History with Major in U.S. History and Minor in European History ((included one course in Women Studies)
Name and type of organisationproviding education and trainingUniversity of Nevada, Las Vegas
Title of qualifications awardedWater Rescue Instructor
Principal subjects /Occupational skills coveredWater Rescue Techniques, Cardio Pulmonar Resuscitation, Swimming Pool and Beaches Management
Name and type of organisationproviding education and trainingFederazione Italiana Nuoto (Italian Swimming Federation)
Dates1979 – 1983
Title of qualifications awardedDegree in Literature – Classical Philology
Principal subjects /Occupational skills coveredCourses of Italian, Latin, Ancient Greek Language and Literature, Ancient and Medioeval History
Name and type of organisationproviding education and trainingUniversità degli Studi di Torino (Turin University)
Dates1974 – 1979
Title of qualifications awardedHigh School focused on Humanities Diploma
Name and type of organisationproviding education and trainingLiceo Pareggiato Valdese – Torre Pellice