BBC News: “Italian group backs Iraq fighters”

Malan: “To think there are people in Italy collecting money in order to kill our heroes is really a shame”

A group of Italian militants involved in staging anti-war protests is raising funds to support the armed Iraqi resistance, the BBC has learned. The discovery comes as Italy mourns 19 men killed in a suicide attack in Iraq last week.

The “Antiimperialista” organisation’s internet campaign asks people to send “10 Euros to the Iraqi resistance”. They say they have collected 12,000 euros ($14,165) in the past eight weeks and admit the money used could be used to buy weapons. […]

Lucio Malan, a senator from the governing Forza Italia Party, was shocked to hear about the campaign. “The first word that comes to my mind is shame and horror”, he told BBC Radio Four’s Today programme. “They are raising money against people (Italian troops) who are defending the peace, the security of the people of that country. They have not killed or wounded anyone in that country they are helping to take away unexploded bombs”. He said the group’s activities “collecting money to give it outspokenly to terrorist groups” was certainly illegal in Italy.

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