The Representation of KRG in Italy celebrates the Kurdish New Year’s eve and commemorates the genocide of the Kurdish people

“The High Representative gave the floor to Senator Quaestor Lucio Malan, who directed its dearest wishes of Nawroz for Kurdish people and thanked the Presidency of the region of Kurdistan and the Government for the assistance provided both to the Christian families who were persecuted in the Middle East and to Syrian refugees. This support from a small region has been so important that deserves the Nobel Prize for peace. In addition, Sen. Malan emphasized the unique capacity of the Presidency and the Kurdistan regional government in creating a statute so evolved that provides more than a special autonomy but also respect for democracy, the rights of women and religious freedom.

Finally, Sen. Malan read the greeting message from the President of Foreign Affairs Committee of the Senate Pierferdinando Casini who, due to parliamentary responsibilities, has not been able to attend the event. “The Halabja is one of the darkest days of the history of humanity culminated in the campaign of ‘anfal’ that led to the killing of more than 182thousand Kurds”.

Comunicato integrale dell’Alta Rappresentanza in Italia del Governo regionale del Kurdistan in Iraq

(nella foto, la Dott.ssa Rezan Kader, Alto Rappresentante in Italia del Governo regionale del Kurdistan in Iraq, e il senatore Lucio Malan)

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