BBC News: “Europe’s Heads fail to agree details of rescue as deadline looms”

Malan: “We answer to the markets and to the Italian People and not to the leaders of other Countries”

Lucio Malan, Italian senator from the People of Freedom party, told the BBC last night: “Berlusconi will survive, but whether or not he survived, we would implement the measures. We have implemented many measures in August including most of the requests we received from the European Central Bank.

“We have done this because we answer to the markets and to the Italian people and we listen, but do not answer, to the leaders of other countries.”

Malan then criticised France, saying it was focusing people’s attention on Italy to divert attention from French banks’ exposure to Greece, which is widely expected soon to restructure its debt with a 60% haircut for holders.

“The problem is French banks and Greece, not Italy.”

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